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26 May
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Hey, so my friends finally got me to open up a livejournal, not too sure what I'll write about or anything but we'll see. I am not going to put too many pictures here because I do have a website with our pics from our nights out, check it out at www.linyclounge.freehomepage.com, plus I don't wanna learn how to put them up twice!
50 cent, aim, air conditioning with blankets, alcohol, amaretto, amazing race, aruba, asshole (card game), avoiding work, baby got back, baby guiness, bahamas, baileys, bar hopping, barbados, bars, bars with dancing, baseball, basket of fried goods, beastie boys, beer pong, bellmore, bermuda, blazin hip hop, boobies, britney, brutus, bud light, camping, cancun, captain and coke, caribbean, casinos, cheese fries, cheesecake factory, chilis, chocolate, chocolate shake, cold stone creamery, concerts, corona, crazy donkey, crowded bars, dashboard confessional, dominican republic, dr. katz, drinking, drinking games, drinking then diner, dublin pub, explorers, flip cup, flirting, girls, girls in low pants, girls in thongs, going out, great adventure, hanging out, happy hour, harry potter, hilton sisters, hofstra, hogs and heifers, humor, humpty dance, ihop, island vacations, jessica simpson, jones beach at night, kahlua, kasey's, late nights, lemon drop shots, livejournal, long island, martinique, mepham, mets, min pins, mini golf, montereys, mr softie, mtv, mulcahy's, my boys, my girls, nelly, nesquick chocolate milk, new york, new york city, newlyweds, nyc, nyny, off the wagon, office gambling, onion rings, outkast, piazza, pink drinks, power 105, punkd, punta cana, quarters, rap, raw, rockville centre, roller coasters, room service, shots, sleeping late, smackdown, soda, st. maarten, summer, survivor, t.v., texas hold em, the o.c., the real world, the ref, the rock, the silo, the simpsons, tig old bitties, tin lizzies, tough enough, traveling, turks and caicos, vacation, vegas, vermont, winthrop avenue, wwe, yankee haters


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