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Current Events [Apr. 17th, 2006|01:41 pm]
So being the good Catholic I am, I went to Church yesterday; despite the fact weddings will put me well above my 2 mass quota for the year. What is the best part of seeing a mass in the beautiful Basilica at Notre Dame? That is easy, the mass is on television (so if you have the Hallmark channel you may want my autograph since I was on the feed) which provides a very useful addition to mass: a countdown clock! Anyone that has gone with me in the past knows I ask a million times how much time’s left, yesterday I didn’t have to once. I was used to the ND hockey games, where with a minute left they say “one minute left to play in regulation” and I was HOPING an announcer would get on during the mass and say: One minute to pray in regulation, one minute to pray. Needless to say I was disappointed and doubly disappointed when we didn’t end at exactly 0:00. I wonder if in the airing they had done to commercials during the communion portion; or if maybe they just pulled out to the skycam and said that this portion of the ceremony is presented by Subway, where they bake their own bread fresh daily.
Another good part of going to another mass, especially if you only go on Easter and Christmas, is that you don’t get the same story (homily maybe). We normally get the same story about a class assigned to fill an Easter egg with something important for the season. Some will fill it with candy, others a flower for spring, or maybe a blade of grass. Then the teacher gets to Billy, and his egg is empty…just like the tomb. Every year I cant help but think, this is way better than the old dog ate my homework excuse! Anyone that can forget there homework and act so quickly on their feet, is going places.
On to other current topics. Did you see an Amish guy killed his entire family? I really think they should give this guy the chair, just for the irony alone! You think he hated electricity before, just wait! Speaking of crime and punishment, it looks like Bonds may be facing the 99MPH terminator as thrown by Rick Vaughn in the California penal league real soon. Good luck Barry, Wild Thing has great stuff.

If you are a baseball fan (esp Mets or anti Boston) or loved RBI baseball growing up, then this may be the greatest site ever: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=8547285560243429315&q=Conor+Lastowka&pl=true

Now to my immaturity, my friend Pogo here at Notre Dame worked at Boeing, and when I was checking on Lesley’s flight here, he noticed she was flying into South Bend on a Saab, yes the same as the car. So we talked about the small plane she was coming in on, then he said lets see what she rode in on to Michigan (where she was getting connected). Now we are in the MBA lounge and I am so immature I couldn’t stop laughing at this, because the first link took us to a photo of the plane in the sky, so that’s what I expected when we clicked on the link to see what she rode in on from NY to Detroit. Here is the link:
Sorry but I couldn’t stop laughing!
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Sad but.. [Mar. 17th, 2006|12:42 am]
Ok this story is REALLY sad, but come on, what was this train carrying, other than tons of irony!

AUSTIN — The reigning Miss Deaf Texas who was killed by a train was text messaging her parents and friends on her cell phone as she walked near the tracks and might have been distracted, police said.

Tara McAvoy, 18, was walking about a foot away from Union Pacific railroad tracks. She had typed a message to her parents, both of whom are hearing-impaired, letting them know she was walking along the tracks from home to her mother's workplace on Monday.

A few minutes later, McAvoy was struck by the snowplow on the front of a 65-car Union Pacific train, which authorities said extended 16 inches on both sides of the tracks. She died at the scene.

"As the train approached, they sounded the horn and got no response," Austin police Detective David Fugitt told the Austin American-Statesman. "They activated the emergency brakes but were unable to stop in time."

Fugitt said he is not sure whether McAvoy would have felt vibrations from the train.

The train was hauling a fleet of cars from Mexico to St. Louis.

McAvoy graduated from the Texas School for the Deaf in 2005 and won the state pageant in June. She was scheduled to compete in the national pageant in California this year.

She had been a cheerleader, a basketball player and an honor roll student at the Texas School for the Deaf.
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Guys vs Girls [Mar. 8th, 2006|12:58 am]
[mood |hyperhyper]

For centuries people have tried to figure out, what is the secret to true love? While we may never be able to completely solve where this one answer lies, we have narrowed it down greatly. Apparently, you can find your sole mate in one of these ways: by going through her room with a magnifying glass; by having them impersonate your favorite celebrity, by dating their mother, by interviewing with both their parents (I guess arranged marriages aren’t so crazy) or by speed dating from a bus. Thanks MTV for solving this age old mystery! Now we have love at first sight for the 21st century, unfortunately the sight is the pink g-string you tonged out of her underwear draw.

Luckily I do not need the 24 hr dating network that is MTV, because I think the only way you can actually get on these shows is by displaying the ability to draw asinine conclusions from the most mundane material. The other day it was the girls chance to “get even” and go through the guys house on room raiders (and why are people horrified still with someone going through their room, didn’t they know what they were signing up for) and they went in his freezer and found hot dogs. With that they ALL said I know what he does with this, they then all shared a laugh and high fived! Yes I bet you do know exactly what he does, so do I, he probably boils or grills them, puts them on a bun with his favorite topping and eats it cause its delicious. Why would you even guess anything else (actually prob cause your mad he just showed you have skid-marks on national tv, but still).

One major observance I have made from both these shows and college life again, is the major difference between guys and girls. Yes there are many, but I think the biggest lies in sweat pants. Girls wear them, and they are cute and fashionable (and they now do this cute lil fold over thing on the waist line). Guys wear them cause were fat, lazy, need to leave room for wings/beer, or like easy access scratching. Part of this observation did come to me while at the mall recently, when I also came across these 2: first mannequins now have nipples, is this ever part of a style where girls want that to come through, cause it seems like it should be so much easier to leave them off; next what is the interview process like at the freaky store. Now I am not sure what the PC term for “freak” is, not sure they are still goth or what. But do you interview for a job there with a suit on? If you did, would the guy with the hole in his lobe the size of a fist laugh at “the normal”?

Lastly, back to the whole look the mannequins were sporting, my TIVO knows me so well it recorded the making of SI Swimsuit issue. In this year’s edition, they painted the girls for hours to look like they had different shirt types on. I was about to ask why spend hours making yourself look like you have a shirt on when you could just put that shirt on, luckily I realized quickly that question made me gay, so I slapped myself.
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College [Feb. 11th, 2006|11:04 pm]
[mood |gratefulgrateful]

So being back at school has made me realize that no matter what, some things are just never going to change for me (and no not just that I like younglings). No matter what, if I am assigned to read something, no matter what it is, I am going to thumb through it first and pray that a good portion of the assigned reading is taken up by charts/graphs/pictures. If as a student you are supposed to mature beyond this point, and enjoy the learning, I now concede I highly doubt I ever will. The next thing I have come to realize is that any University that wants to make itself look prestigious has some love affair with the outdoors. Look through any good schools brochure and you will always see the pic of the kid reading under the tree, like this somehow makes him smarter than being at a desk. Next time take a look, he’s probably reading the dummies guide to removing grass stains. To further this misnomer, you will sometimes have the “cool” professor that may let you have class out in a quad next to the hippies playing Frisbee. Does anyone actually prefer a muddy ass, or wind blowing your papers everywhere, or sitting Indian style? Didn’t think so, wanna be cool, let the class out early. I also now know I will love Raamen noodles and Easy Mac forever.
Sidenote: Luckily I am at a place covered in snow, so I am not concerned with going outside now. The other day, I actually looked at a snowflake stick to my windshield, and it looked like the ones you could make in elementary school. My question is, why do we pass it along as fact that no two are exactly alike. This sounds like the kinda crap that I make up when I am drunk, not that I necessarily don’t believe it, but how can you prove this?

So Notre Dame is filled with lots of smart people and me. But I have come to realize there is one other idiot that was here, and unfortunately he designed our showers. The first day here, we had to get the water coming from the shower and not for the bathtub. Now there is no one generic method, but there are some standards, and we tried them all unsuccessfully. Turns out, where the water is coming out from the tub needs to be pulled down and then spun to get it going to the shower head. It was like solving an Encyclopedia Brown mystery to take a shower, I’m thinking I may have some more closet space, I just have to pull one of the books off the bookshelf and a trap door is going to spin open.
Sidenote: I can’t wait for my visitors in March, and don’t worry I am not posting about this now because I just took my first shower here. A little warning about the shower though, it is one of the showers where there is almost no medium from scolding water to ice. I find myself giving the tiniest nudge so as not to piss it off, but I still wind up having to do a Keanu Reeves Matrix move to avoid boiling hot water.

Ok my final school thought will be on football, since it is ND. How weak was the Super Bowl? Even the commercials were not entertaining this year. Did you see the one with Godzilla and the robot, where Godzilla gets pregnant and has a H3? I dunno about anyone else, this does not make me want to buy this car at all, and also goes against anything I have learned about someone’s ability to get pregnant from a Hummer. Strange.
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Musical Thoughts [Jan. 28th, 2006|04:15 pm]
So this is the story all about how, our rap stars got turned upside down. Pretend for a second you could go back to the 80’s (Back to the Future style), do you think you could more easily convince yourself that Will Smith or Queen Latifah was a big movie star? If you were able to convince yourself of this, what are the chances you would believe that the now critically acclaimed actress has not changed her nickname and is still actually known by her regal nickname!

Since were infusing the 80’s and rap, I think Flavor Flav in many ways is like the smurfs for this generation. First off he is tiny, he is so dark he appears to be almost blue, he wears funny hats and no shirt very often, has a huge male antagonist Gargamel=Bridgette Nielsen, and he takes common words and replaces portions with his name (ie the flavor-gram the girls got on his show last week). Now that is smurftastic!
SIDNEOTE: If you have not yet watched Flavor of Love, make sure you see the episode with Flav’s mom, and when the contestants make fried chicken (best tv ever). It actually also reminded me of Back to the Future as well, when Michael J. Fox played the other characters, cause you put a Viking hat on his mom (or moms as he would say) and you could not tell them apart.

Not even realizing who sang it, I kinda like Lil Bow Wow’s new song. Excuse me; he’s growing up now, so it’s Bow Wow. Unfortunately all this new maturity may not fully come through since the remainder of his name is still the most common answer given by 2 year olds when asked what a puppy dog says.

Have you ever heard of someone actually being captured thanks to America’s Most Wanted? Because I never have. Yet every year, someone with a criminal record gets busted for going on American Idol. I think they should make the Fugitive 2 (I don’t count that American Marshalls movie) and this time rather than fully pursue the 1 armed man have Harrison Ford get busted by Tommy Lee Jones after a pathetic rendition of Moulin Rouge. Why would someone with a record so badly feel the need to sing!

Who loves their own butt more: J-Lo, Beyonce or Fergie? Cause they sing about it more than anything else.

Lastly and very much in line with butts! We get the country music station here at ND. So I flipped by MTV, and see a video called “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk” and no I kid you not. Hilarious, like rap video for country. Anyways on way to the snowflake dance last night (yes that was the name of our semi formal dance) we pass the Morris (our local theater) and see the guy is playing there, and the DJ played it lastnight. I had showed everyone the video, so we all cracked up, and we may go see him.

PLEASE check out this video here:

You will not be sorry! Remember, its Honky Tonk Badonkadonk (like you could forget).
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Food Chains [Jan. 21st, 2006|08:59 pm]
[mood |lazylazy]
[music |Trace Adkins - Honky Tonk Badonkadonk, just hilarious]

Ok so I moved my journal over to myspace, but do to nudges (literally) I will post here as well (with some of the things I did over there I will transfer here too, to keep both going). But if you have this and dont have me on myspace, add me. My email is theroc526@aol.com.

Regardless of what you may have heard South Bend Indiana is not the culinary capital of America. Not that I need a bunch of fancy restaurants, but I am beginning to realize that all these chain restaurants may as well be one. Each is exactly like the next, with a slightly different theme (Outback-Australian; Chili’s-Southwest), and each one throws as much crap on the wall they can find that will fit that theme. Now it may have seemed novel when Marge saw it for the first time 10 years ago on the Simpson’s (street signs, indoors—whatever) but now it’s all the same. I like the new touch of the stuff over the urinal; cause this is when I like to get my light reading in. The Outback now has their wine list above the urinal, so if you did get a nice light white whine to chaise down that fried onion the size of your head, you now get to see exactly how much money you literally just pissed away.

SIDENOTE – I love outback but I hate there theme of “no rules, just right.” If you do get the no rules burger, you cannot get it cooked below medium well, not only is that a rule, it’s a stricter rule than anyplace else; not to mention the fact I have never skipped a place because there are too many burger restrictions, ask for anything and they’ll just slop it on there.

Ok, back to the chains all being the same, even all the menus are the same. No matter what place you go to, they all have that platter of 3 appetizers (each place has its own clever name for this delicious trinity, my favorites being the triple play and three for all—bonus for whoever can name which 2 restaurants have them). In addition to the common conclusion on our desire for the triple appetive (as Paul would say) they for some reason came to the common conclusion that chicken fajitas need to be served at the most ungodly temperature you can imagine. It’s just short of having a guy with a blow torch actually at your table, and I will forever be loyal to the place that has the waiter come out with the welders mask. Why is this so necessary for this one dish? Watch an order come through, you need a team of waiters because one person is needed for this item alone (and that doesn’t include those taco shell things someone is carrying those next to them), they have a metal skillet that is so hot they need to use 2 potholders and a large wooden block because it is a poor conductor of the heat. Plus this item comes with all the smoke of a small grease fire. Lesley always orders them and uses the smoke screen now like a magician, I always complain when she goes to the bathroom 9 times when it’s the 2 of us at a restaurant cause I hate sitting there alone, so she slips out as her meal arrives and by the time the smoke screen thins out I’m in a checkered red and white booth alone looking at the wall with an alligator in sunglasses wondering how I could’ve been duped again. By the time she gets back I’m usually done, and her meal is now legally safe to touch by a human tongue (if they had a dessert that had to be served like this she could beat many the checks, but she does that anyways).

In an effort to avoid some of these places, a couple of my friends have been taking turns cooking, and although it has little influence over anything I would try to make I have been watching the food network a lot (it’s a little graphic so I will spare everyone the details here, but ask me about the ham show on food network cause it was by far the greatest image I have ever seen on television). Anyways, I have discovered the networks hugest star, it is by far garlic. Watch people in the audience at an Emril taping, garlic is the star of the show; it gets a huge ovation every time it is thrown in something. People have decided they want it in everything (trust me they will cheer garlic ice cream) and they want a lot of it. I would say it may affect the poor people that have to kiss them, but I don’t think the studio audience at the daily Emril show was gonna be doing much hooking up anyways.
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(no subject) [Jan. 11th, 2006|09:05 pm]
[mood |nerdynerdy]
[music |Kanye West - Golddigger]

Everyone has seen them before these futuristic movies where machines gained so much power they slowly took over the world (Terminator, I-Robot), yet here we are when we can still nip this in the bud and we do nothing. I am talking, of course, of the strange empowerment we have given to our DVD players. Like many people, I got tons of great DVD’s this Christmas, but as I repeatedly hit skip chapter and fast forward (the buttons I always confuse during an actual movie and ruin for all those watching with me) my DVD player tells me no, you need to watch these previews and excessively long copyright thing you never read anyways. How can my machine telling me no? Why do you need to watch these crappy holiday movie previews that you are just thankful none of your cheap relatives saw and grabbed while at Target for $4.99 in the first place. I already know that Ben Affleck, Tony Soprano, Tim Allen and Chevy Chase can ruin their family’s Christmas, don’t do it to others by having them watch these bombs. It is times like these when I miss my VCR, I would give up the “bonus features” and digital quality, just cause the VCR was my bitch, I say fast forward it does it. Its only defense was the old I’ll eat your tape trick and watch as you carefully turn that big white wheel, but now that it sees it can be replaced for $6 at PC Richards, it knows its role.

On the topic of movies, I will get to my next big pet peeve, popcorn and soda sizes at the theater. Now anyone that knows me knows I love my soda, so I am not complaining about the sheer size of these beverages, I am complaining about their labels. Small is now obsolete, there is now medium, large, and some comically labeled wacky size depending on your theater of choice. The problem is, no matter how gigantic we make these things, people are always going to compare, so if they look at that display case and say small they want the smallest one, not a story on how they do things at this Loews Theater. We also don’t need to get into kid sizes, these are not t-shirts, I think our beverages can be made into a 1 size fits all. Plus we waste everyone’s time, cause even if you want the smallest one and know to order the medium, they will tell you medium is not the middle cup you see. It’s lunacy! Then, they have on their chart the gigantic soda, and label it best value. What they don’t say is best value, within 100 yards, because this is the most expensive soda on the planet, other than at movie theaters; never trust a best value claim from someone selling milk duds for $6.50. NOTE: Anyone that hasn’t heard my dads King Kong popcorn/soda debacle ask me or Brian about it, pretty funny stuff.

Movie Note: Next time in blockbuster check out House of Wax, strange how in completely different roles Paris looks exactly the same in the end of both of her features. If I was better with technology Id post the picture here but you can think of me and laugh next time you go to the movie store and circle aimlessly.

Ok that’s it for me, my next post may be back in Indiana, first day of classes at Notre Dame is MLK Day. I wish our holiday calendar more closely resembled Google’s holiday calendar. Remember how it used to almost always be the normal Google heading, then 1 year they put a Christmas Tree, now I think they have a team in charge of finding an obscure event to commemorate on that page. No joke, the other day where it says Google, there were dots in the trademark colors, I found out it was the inventor of brails birthday. I’d ask where they find this useless info, but look where they work, the freaking home for it!
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Happy New Year [Dec. 31st, 2005|09:07 pm]
[mood |happyhappy]

Hey everyone, check me here and on myspace (theroc526@aol.com) So I have about a month off during which I am supposed to be working on getting an internship, instead I sleep till 4, never get out of boxers and watch MTV. In fact setting up a myspace account is my greatest achievement thus far.

First off, hope everyone got what they wanted for Christmas, I think the best gift I gave was a digital camera to Lesley, but since then she has become paparatzi, so you can get a flip book of Christmas day with all the pics she took. I think the digital camera is the greatest example of a persons impatience. A few years ago you took a picture, and had to finish a roll of film (could take weeks) then take it somewhere to get developed. Now the second we take a picture, we want to see it, and people are annoyed if they are not the first ones to get a look. Its unbelievable someone will tap their foot and be like let me see, as the idiot that got handed the camera first can't figure out how to scroll back and look at the picture. Then when someone gets the camera, they only look at what they look like in the shot, they stare at it maybe even lying about how the others look just so the pic can pass a good shot, if they look good in it.

The funny thing is while this has changed dramatically, the actual way we take pictures has never changed, its always push down that button on the top right. I mean this is how we take a picture. It is ALWAYS how we have taken pictures. Watch the Flinstones, he presses a button on the top right, it pulls the tail of a little lizard and it chizzles the picture into a rock. Yet we hand a camera to someone, and its like they just got here from Mars, "what do I hit, where do I press?" TOP RIGHT, its always the top right, this is why we asked you to take the picture and not be in it, you're a moron! Lesleys camera came with an 80 page manual, but watch someone take the camera, it can all be summed up in 2 words, what do I do? Top right. Thats it. What are the other 79 pages for?

Ok so I said I have been watching a lot of TV. Can I ask, why would anyone that apparently has a huge fear of having their rooms snooped through on television sign up to be on Room Raiders? Watch the reaction these dummies have when they explain the premise of the show, they are shocked and horrified. If someone looking at your room with a blacklight is a dilemma, maybe try to get yourself on the Next bus.

I also want to thank MTV for lacking any compassion with Nick and Jessica, they have a DVD to sell so we are getting marathons regardless of how Nick and Jessica are doing! I think they should make bonus footage of the newest season of those 2 on that 30 minute divorce court show, this way we can see every second of their married life together, minus their poops. Wonder why it didn't work. PS Jessica, I'm free till 7/20/07 then Im off the market, act now!

Ok I am out, want to wish you a Happy New Year. People always wish me a safe new year, not a happy one. I think this is because they know I am likely to get drunk and vomit on neighbors lawns out of spite, but I want to wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR.
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Wow, it's been a while! [Dec. 2nd, 2004|11:44 pm]
[mood |tiredtired]
[music |Snoop - Drop it Like it's Hot]

So I guess I can’t just pick up where I left off without explaining my absence, but well yeah it’s really late so I am just gonna. I will say I wanna get back into updating, and commenting. I had some computer issues at home and work but I think LJ is not to blame so I am back.

Another awesome night of tv, the OC was amazing, speaking of amazing that was some episode of The Apprentice! In case you missed it, the made the new Mars M&M candy bar (M-Azings) which is basically a chocolate bar filled with crispy M&M’s, and then they sold them at whatever price and highest profit won. Originally I believed that the Mars corporation would be upset when they saw how their product was being peddled (for $20 no less); so imagine my surprise when I saw they were actually going to embrace the notoriety the candy bar received on the hit show and are now actually using the slogan “M-azing melts in your mouth, not in Ivana’s privates”.

As much as I enjoy the Apprentice, I think I may be reaching my saturation point on reality television. It’s just too much. Part of the problem may be that as they go on, we are moving further and further from the reality I face everyday, I’ve never had to wake up to my mom force feeding me a rat or pushing me off a hot air balloon. I want a reality show that I can participate in, maybe just a camera sitting there watching me flipping through the channels and watching 24 hrs of reality tv. Apparently though, the only way to combat reality television is with a show with crime scene investigators, my God I think I saw a commercial for CSI Wyoming, it had the tagline were gonna find that one guy that committed a crime.
Sidenote: I think R Kelly must have invented reality television (since another tape surfaced with him and Sheffields wife now). Think about it, reality tv has the things that no one wants to do, and would never want these things to be documented if they do do them, but the cameras are there documenting everything. Why else would it be so important to remember banging 14 year olds and peeing on people, that’s not the kinda stuff ya normally wanna prove beyond a reasonable doubt with live footage.

So I am going back to school soon, I def am not psyched about grad school. Looking back, I am pretty sure the only stuff I remember is from elementary school, so this should be a rude awakening. Speaking of Elementary school, why is it we either name them after an important president, someone important for the community or if they cannot think of either in 6 seconds they just steal the name of the street it is on (and they even leave the st or ave in the name). “How bout JFK, he was good and assassinated.” “Oh they have that in the next town, ok Central Ave School it is”.

See the weird thing about elementary school, they teach ya all kinds of crap that makes no sense, but somehow you remember it. They teach you that your body is made up of like 65% water, and this is what we accept. Seems to me, as I look at myself in the mirror, if I had to ballpark it, we are made up of exactly zero percent water. Which reminds me, why the heck can’t I float, I’m more than half water?
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Bad TV [Sep. 10th, 2004|02:33 pm]
[mood |sadsad]
[music |Maroon 5 - She Will be Loved]

It’s a sad day at FTID, because Karen is leaving today. Considering all the turnover here, I am kinda feeling like this is Saved by the Bell the New Class. We’re all still doing the same old stuff, but now that it is a few years later the new characters are boring, less fun, and to put it nicely uglier. It just makes you want to tune out and look for something better. The scary thing is, since I have witnessed all these changes around me but am still hanging around, that basically makes me Screech. Nothing short of a reunion with characters from the years gone by (Marchello, Pat D, Hawk, Maria, Mark, Liz, Tom, Marissa, Karen etc) could save this sinking ship, except of course a Zack and Kelly 2nd wedding. I am not holding my breath for either.

Speaking of a struggling tv show, it looks like Karen’s desk may soon be occupied by Matt Leblanc. What a stinker he hit the airwaves with last night. Once again we get to see Joey play a terrible actor, I dunno about you but I am beginning to think that it isn’t all that much of a stretch. Here’s a little brainteaser: Is it possible to act poorly in a role that requires you to be a poor actor. Come to think of it Matt Leblanc may be the best most convincing actor in the entire world.

I truly dislike the new Gap commercial, cause I hate horse face, Mrs. Ferris Bueller. I swear Lenny Kravitz is the more attractive of the two women dancing in that commercial.

QOTD from Sanjeev at work when discussing bars: “I went to a place called 13 little devils, it was really weird; well not so much weird as just really really boring”.

Thing to remember: Next time MTV promises a big surprise, check on the whereabouts of Stevie Wonder before you get too excited. You know the old expression fool me once shame on you fool me 9 times shame on me. How many times can we be promised a special treat only to have him sitting there when those mysterious curtains raise. Don’t get me wrong what he can do for a blind guy is pretty impressive, but what have ya done for me lately? You also know MTV doesn’t consider him that big a deal cause not this performance last one (with Will Smith) they didn’t wheel him backstage, they just forgot him and left him sitting there. I think they keep him in an MTV studios closet, telling him it is his mansion, then when they can’t get another big name they just roll him out there.
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